Sometimes I feel that my life is pretty ordinary, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has days like that?  But how often do we stop and think that what seems like an ordinary life to us, appears an extraordinary life to others.   Everything we take as a given - growing up, having access to new technology, taking holidays, falling in love, getting married and starting a family -  for others is only a possibility...

Not everybody in this world lives like us, learns what we learn or knows what we know.  But wherever we are, we dream the same dreams; to be loved, to be safe and to be happy. 

Try to imagine how an adolescent girl in another country spends her day. Surely she goes to school, but what does she learn? How is she treated by her family and by her community? What challenges does she have to face? What are her dreams? 

ONE GIRL is a documentary that follows five teenage girls from different countries to show the juxtaposition in their daily lives.  We see their schools, their daily chores, how they play and how they interact with their world.

We wanted to make a documentary that showed a truly comparable picture of each girl's life so we decided to follow the same criteria for each country selected:

  • The girls all had to be 13 years old
  • Daughters of a farmer or shepherd
  • Living in a rural village far from the Capital of their country, and
  • Living in the same time-zone: we chose GMT+2, as it embraces 3 continents and includes countries with a diverse cultural mix


When an ordinary day becomes a running commentary of our times. One day, five girls, a million dreams!

Do you want to join us on our journey?